“Adoration” self love Shea Soap

“Adoration” self love Shea Soap

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This product is all-natural Shea and glycerin-based soap. It was created with the idea of love and self care in mind. Infused with dried organic roses, moon water, rose quarts and mint, it is beautiful, refreshing and will soothe and cleanse the skin! 

Created using a melt and pour process, using natural, organic, Shea butter infused soap base. Infused with jojoba oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, sunflower oil, and grape-seed oil, to nourish and clean the skin.

This product is also created with all natural rose, vanilla, and peppermint essence to give it that creamy, sweet scent!

All soaps are parabens, sulfates and detergent-free.

Lather up!